Visionary Writing


Change is a constant within human experience. It may be joyous or challenging, yearned for or unexpected, sudden or incremental, however it comes ... it comes!

Many of us are being called to “wake up” and to stay aware and present during the transformations we experience.

It feels as though we are not alone in all this change – all around us the pace of transformation and the many forms of awakening are building. We are part of a global awakening. A time of crisis and opportunity – within ourselves and within our families and communities.

We yearn to follow the call to conscious living. We seek sustainable and fulfilling lives.

We feel ourselves part of a complex and diverse community of many beings – human, animal, beings of the plant world, ancestors and beings of the unseen realms.

For some, the unseen is already becoming visible. The hidden is being revealed.

And all this change, all this awakening, is happening in deeply personal, richly global, and profoundly cosmic ways. We are being challenged to expand our limits, to journey where we’ve not gone before, to act with integrity and wisdom.

To follow the call, to discern our own path through mystery and change, to awaken to our own true nature, to do the work that is ours to do … these powerful acts require skill.

Together we can support each other as we learn these skills and grow into the divine human beings we are meant to be.

This is part of what we do here at Crossroads Mystery School - learning, changing, growing ...


The entire planet is in a transformative process. This seems to be an evolution from one form into another.

We, as parts of the living being which we call Earth, are part of this transformation. When we actively move into the transformation, we help to support the Earth’s transition. It is also much easier on us, as individual beings, if we can shift, grow and change along with the rest of the planet.

One image I have been given to describe this is that of a river. There is an immense and unexplained increase in the volume of water flowing down the river.

When we stay at the edges, hugging the shore, unwilling or uncertain about moving with this new speed and power, we are battered against the rocks that line the edges of the river. We may be staying out of the rush because we wish to feel safe, to wait and see what is happening with this change in our environment. Staying at the edges doesn’t keep us safe, however, nor does it make the whole process more comfortable.

When we are able to let go of the familiar and let the river take us, we move quickly down the deep centre channel of the river. We move faster – perhaps faster than we’ve ever gone before. We may experience fear, exhilaration, loss of control. And we are part of the new power of the river. We are not being bruised by rocks. We have surrendered to the unknown. And we do not know where we are going.

This is what the planetary shift can feel like to us humans. We are challenged to surrender to the increasing power and vibration as the Earth transforms. She transforms from what She has been, how we have understood Her, into what She will be ... the unknown ...

It is not for us to understand this change. It is for us to do what we are called to do, in each minute … letting go of the previous minute …

This presence, this surrender to the present moment, allows the unique essence of each individual to shine – unique, yet connected - authentic, divine, amazing!

And when each person lets go of the familiar patterns and joins the great power of the Earth, becoming her or his authentic self, they ‘light up’. It’s like a light goes on. Or a new song is sung – the song of the true self.

And so, as we each sing our true essence and become a beacon of truth and love, the vibration of change is spread to others. It becomes easier and easier to be True.

This lighting up is also an awakening. And all over the planet Beings are waking up.

I’ve been told that the Dragons are waking up. That the Dragon Clan is returning to join us as we sing our true songs and join in with the Earth’s transformation.

I’ve been told to pay attention. To slow down. To listen.

Those close to me are working with Gnomes and Stone People. The veils between Ancestral, Faery and Spirit realms are thinning. The Animals are coming closer … and closer … The Great Alliance is re-forming.

The work we are called to do can be challenging, but we are not alone. We can call to our allies for support and guidance.

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