Priestess & Healer

I offer Spiritual Counseling, Psychic Readings and Energy Healing. Use the contact page to find out about scheduling a consultation.

When I work as a Priestess or Healer I shift my energy to a centered place within the Green Well of Healing. I invite that energy to flow through me and into the container of our working. We become connected to the universal forces of the Song, the Source, Transformation and the Divine.

I listen to the guidance offered by the beloved ancestors and by spirit guides from many realms. I sense the ways in which the querents energy body is communicating with us. I offer these perspectives to the individual. And I support and assist as they move into the opportunities for change that are being presented.

Often as we close the reading or healing session, we begin a conversation about how the individual might integrate these energies. We discuss daily practice, meditations or ritual that will support and deepen the transformation.

Individual work begins with a consultation – either over the telephone, or in person. Here we discuss the goals, understandings and perspective that have brought you to this work. I help you to identify and focus your intention and then together we design a process that will facilitate this.

Psychic Reading and Energy Healing
The first meeting (Consultation) is intended to establish the focus of the reading and/or healing. This also allows me to connect with your spirit guides and allies. In the second session I will drop deeply into Spirit Vision and open to information, healing and guidance. I will use my capacity as a healer to help you to shift energy blocks, dissolve resistance and open to greater information on your life path.

Spiritual Counseling
As a Spiritual Counselor, I offer perspective and compassion, as we explore the challenges and opportunities that you are being offered. Usually this takes place over a period of time (3 months, a year, several years) which allows for us to deepen into the work of the journey.

Outwardly the Spiritual Counseling sessions will appear to be conversations. However, there is always a degree of psychic reading and energy healing involved. Occasionally a specific topic will arise and we will create a ritual to drop more deeply into the subtle energies and spirit guidance.