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UPDATE: August, 2019

New Courses Beginning Fall 2019

Workshops and Classes, both in-person and via the telephone

The Fires of Baba Yaga:

Through the Forest of Dreaming to meet the Crone

In this dark time of the year, journey to the Old One to reconnect with your birthrights - the unique fire of your spirit, the power of your intuition & the deep wisdom of your soul.
Workshop includes ritual, guided visualization, trance, story telling, crafting with plant allies & delicious, magical food!
The day takes place within sacred space. Suitable for all adults, regardless of experience.

A one day workshop in Victoria, B.C.
November 2, sliding scale $60 - $95

Faery Roads Two

A telephone ritual working for those who have completed Faery Roads One.
Beginning mid November

Iron Pentacle

A telephone ritual working. Suitable for those familiar with ritual and the elements of magic.
The course begins January, 2020

Imbolc, the Festival of Brigit

A one day workshop in Victoria, B.C.
February 1, 2020

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Fees: Classes are priced on a sliding scale – that is, you choose where you fit within the range of prices listed.

If you are on a fixed, or low, income you may choose a figure at the lower end of the scale.
If you have a regular, reliable income you may choose to pay at the high end of the range.
You are never asked to explain your choice.

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