Values & Beliefs

At Crossroads our work arises from several core beliefs:


As humans, we primarily interact within the shared consensual reality that we call “the real world”. There are many other realities that interpenetrate and interact with this world. It is possible for us to awaken to these other realities.

The beings who arise from these other realities (as we arise from the human world) are real. They are manifest in forms that we experience as subtle, or indistinct, but they are real and substantial within their own context.

Other realities and other beings are not dependent upon humans in order to exist.

Many realities interact. A reality and the beings who live there can be affected by the dynamics and transformations occurring in a related reality.


Each person (each creature, each being) has a reason to be here. The soul has guided each one of us to manifest at this time, in this place for a reason.

One part of the purpose arises from the opportunity to experience and learn from being in a body, in this world. All experiences have the potential to be opportunities to understand, deepen and expand our wisdom.

Each one of us has a unique soul’s purpose. We came here to be or do something (or many somethings). Awakening to this purpose is fundamental to our magical and spiritual work.

When we awaken, when we actively engage with growing and learning, we can arrive at the right place and at the right time and will have the skills and wisdom to take the right action.

We will not be alone in this work.

The Work

We understand our community to include animals, plants, spirit beings, ancestral guides, Goddesses and Gods, as well as human beings.

We come together, in community, and listen to our deepest wisdom to do what we are called to do.

Our spirit allies are critical in this work.

Our human relationships are critical in this work.

Our willingness to listen, to be changed, to surrender to the Divine, to be who we were meant to be … is critical to this work.