Telephone Ritual Workings

I have found that this format is very successful for advanced magical practice and training at a distance. We use a telephone conferencing service where each person calls into a designated telephone number. The sound quality is very good, so it feels like the people you are talking to are close by. You will incur long distance charges, based on a call to Iowa, charged by your own long distance service.

Once everyone has phoned in, we do a check in round. Next volunteers from within the participant group lead us all in creating sacred space – ground, cast, call directions and deity. The language and imagery we use help us to feel/see each other as connected in a large circle that moves through space and time in a very real way.

The heart of the ritual working is a trance journey that I lead. It is easiest if everyone has found a way to hear the telephone and be relaxed and comfortable. I use a head set and sit or lie in my ritual room. Others have used a regular phone for the check in and sacred space and then have switched to a speaker phone for the trance.

The feedback I’ve received indicates that people have tangible and powerful visionary experiences. It’s not the same as being in the same physical location as the person leading the trance, but it is still very effective. The spirit beings we work with have no problem with connecting to us within a telephone ritual working, as they are used to moving through and beyond time and space!

We often have a minimal amount of debrief, as people want/need to create their own transition – journaling, drawing, continuing the trance for a time, walking in nature, having a bath, napping, etc. etc.

In the week following the trance, participants are encouraged to share with each other via email. Sometimes this leads to an extended discussion. Other times it is simply witnessing anothers’ process through reading their email journaling.

These telephone ritual workings have been powerful and transformative for small and large groups, with friends, or with people who have never met. I encourage you to try this new way of working together – even when we cannot be in the same location!