Pearl Pentacle

Expanding work in the Craft

Intermediate to Advanced

The Pearl Pentacle is a tool that has come to the Reclaiming Tradition through our roots in the Feri Tradition, as taught by Victor and Cora Anderson. The Iron Pentacle is a tool we can use to do internal ‘shadow stalking’ work. With the Pearl Pentacle we take the wisdom and experience of the Iron out into our relationships, our communities and the world.

The Star Goddess gives us the gift of the Pearl Pentacle. Each point radiates through us and into the world, offering the powerful and visionary qualities of Love, Law, Wisdom, Liberty and Knowledge. We create a Temple to house our work with the Pearl Pentacle and we contact the astral Pearl Temple and step into our roles as Priestess and Priest of this Temple. We become the conduit through which the Pearl can flow into the world, as we honour and celebrate the sacredness of this life and this sweet Earth.