Mystery, Magic and Transformation

Advanced Workings in the Craft

A weekend introduction to Cross Roads Magic at the School.

This weekend the work will focus on the teachings that arise from the crossroads, itself. We will explore this magical tool through trance journeys, spirit guidance and within the physical surroundings.

We honour those who have walked this land before us and we learn about the potential within the simple act of Offering. We listen to Spirit. We deepen into our own Centre and we allow the Cross Roads to open out to us.

To be at the Cross Roads is to be at the moment of change. A powerful place … and also, sometimes, a scary place. We listen for the guidance of our Spirit Allies and we deepen into the truth of our work here in this lifetime.

We open, we listen, we deepen … expanding our capacity, gathering our resources, preparing for the next right step along the path.

We will meet Time as our ally. And we will discover ways in which we can journey with Time to re-weave the connections from past crossroads to those in the future.

The Gods of the Crossroads await us. They are calling us into the Work.