Iron Pentacle

Deeping into the Craft

Intermediate to Advanced

A witch is ready for working with the Iron Pentacle once she/he has developed a personal practice that includes the skills of creating sacred space, shaping and moving energy, familiarity with the powers of the elements and basic ritual form.

The magic of the Iron Pentacle moves within our physical, embodied experience and it resonates out into our many layered Spirit body. The study of the Iron Pentacle is the work of a life time of reflective, conscious practice.

To work with the Iron Pentacle as a magical tool, we must explore each of the points of the Pentacle: Sex, Pride, Self, Power, Passion. We also need to open to the power that is awakened as the energy flows within the Pentacle, from each point to the next. And we can also consider the Mystery that is the circle that holds the Pentacle, connecting all the points and lines: holding, surrounding, empowering this great gift from the Goddess, the Iron Pentacle.