Guardian Journeys 2

Power and Distortions

Intermediate to Advanced

All the wildly diverse energy of the cosmos flows through the Guardians to us. We channel these energies into our lives – sometimes with pure clarity as our Powers, sometimes distorted and acting more as “shadows” or “demons.”

This intensive will enable us to explore and face the truths about ourselves – our powers and our distortions. We can ask for help in applying our powers to reclaim and transform our distortions and move through the personal healing and growth that we are given to do in this lifetime.
However, we are not required to attain perfection! Willingness, attention and a commitment to personal integrity are critical, along with the compassionate curiosity that allows true change to emerge.

The impact of this advanced work with the Elemental Guardians is felt in those powerful moments when we face the Guardian, open our hearts to the relationship and allow our true selves to be seen by this Ancestor. The energy that runs between you and the Guardian in these moments can activate Truth at the crossroads. This is the Truth of your essence, your nature, your reason for being. This is the Truth of who you are.