Guardian Journeys 1

Awakening at the Crossroads

Intermediate to Advanced

Each of us is at the center of a multi-dimensional crossroads. Yet, many times we do not know how to be present, fully alive and awake in that crossroads.

We will open to the experiences of the powerful flow of energy between ourselves and other realms. We will open to our birthright and our heritage as descendants of the love and passion that gave birth to all life. We will understand the challenge inherent in accepting the responsibility of this power.

Throughout the workshop we will explore the connections between the imagery and sensations within the Multi Dimensional Grounding – Song of All Life, the Source, Transformation and Destiny and the Elemental powers of air, water, fire and earth.

Deepening into the relationships with the Elemental Guardians it is possible that the experience of calling the directions will shift and expand. The Guardians and the powers and realms that they hold will no longer be abstract concepts or generalizations, they will come alive as specific Beings … Ancestors, in fact!