Faery Roads

Intermediate to Advanced

This work includes studies in Feri (as passed to us by Victor and Cora Anderson)
& in Faery Tradition, (as passed to us through myth, legend and personal experience).

Faery Roads is an intensive working in a small group, meeting twice each month. Year One is eight months. The course content includes a blend of Feri and Faery teachings with a focus on a healthy integration of the mystic and physical realities.

The work will be cumulative and require a high degree of commitment and focus. Students should be prepared to attend all sessions and reserve time outside of the rituals for personal study, meditation and further exploration of the material.

This is an advanced course and participants will need to be experienced with ritual, moving and shaping energy and have a well grounded magical practice.

Here is an example of the Year One work:
Faery Roads, Year One

Each item is explored deeply through discussion, visualization and trance journey

Faery and Feri Magic

The Ritual Form
Centering, Coming Home to Self
Honouring the Ancestors – what is it we offer?
Ha Breath and Prayer – background, energetic working
Grounding – into multidimensional reality
Calling on Time, Space and Blue Fire – weaving them

The Miria Myth
Rain of Bright Spirits
Words of Power
Guardians as Ancestors

Guardian Mysteries
Working deeply with each of the Elemental Guardians

Crossroads – we are stardust
Mediating the Elemental Energies to open the Centre
Triple Guardian of Spirit
The True Song, touching the Black Heart of Innocence

The Ritual Form
Throwing the Dice – vibration of cast circle
Holy Mother
By Which Eye
Mighty Ones of the Craft
Spirit Allies and Beings of Many Realms

Ana, Mari, Nimue
Myrrdin, Lemba, Dian y Glas

Emerging Magic
Lighting up, Singing the True Song, the Jump