Mystery School

Crossroads Mystery School arises from the work of Sage Goode and other artists, mystics, ritualists, healers, and activists.

At Crossroads we come together to support healing and transformation. We join with our allies to do our spiritual work and awaken to our soul’s purpose. We honour the Earth and seek to live in sustainable relationship with Her. We honour the First People, and work to support their descendants, and restore justice and equity between us.

The School hosts workshops and training sessions at Restorative Retreats, Intensives and through Telephone Ritual Workings. Check the Course Offerings and Events pages for current information on the School’s activities.

If you are ready to deepen your spiritual practice,
if you feel great possibility opening,
if you sense the forces of life shifting
if you feel the push of spirit upon you,
if you hear the call to awaken …

Then you are at the Crossroads …

A Mystery School can be many things. Most often it is a gathering of wisdom teachings that explore the great mysteries of being human; the mysteries of the Self and the nature of our relationship with the Divine, … of the meaning of life … of our own unique purpose.

Crossroads Mystery School arises from the work of artists, teachers, and healers many of whom have studied the Craft as passed from Victor and Cora Anderson and as developed by Starhawk and others from the Reclaiming Collective.

As we followed the guidance of our own spirit allies and our own deepest wisdom, we began to explore terrain that moved outside the teachings that were passed to us. Our teachers in this journey were spirit and ancestral beings. Our work became more mystic, more powerful, and more deeply and profoundly transformative. Over time we came to realize that we had developed ways of working together that expressed a unique flavour. We shared this with others and began to have students and clients who were called to work with us … others whose inner guidance was leading them on a path similar to our own.

We honour our teachers and we acknowledge that we have become teachers. We honour our lineage and we acknowledge the uniqueness of the magical practices we now share with others. Some of us have gathered together to create the Crossroads Mystery School.

For a more complete listing of Sage’s teachers, please see the Biography page.